An ambassador of uplifting Reggae music
that transcends time and educates people.

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Mark Dyer, famously recognized as Warrior King embarked on his musical journey by nurturing and fostering his passion for music through engagements in various talent showcases during his early years.

Warrior King’s breakthrough moment arrived with the unveiling of his inaugural track “Virtuous Woman” in 2001, helmed by the renowned Michael ‘Lion Paw’ Johnson.

The song’s uplifting message reverberated globally, propelling him to international recognition as the musical ode focused on uplifting women, resonating with powerful messages of empowerment and respect.

Subsequently, his albums, including the renowned works Virtuous Woman (2001) and Hold the Faith (2005), garnered widespread acclaim and dominated global music charts.

His enthralling performances have captivated audiences worldwide, solidifying his position as a leading figure in the reggae genre.
Touring the world (USA, South America, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and the Caribbean), Warrior King has amassed a devoted international fan base, with followers eagerly awaiting his spirited and soulful performances.
He has graced the stages of major international (Summerjam, Reggaejam, Geel) and local festivals, including the esteemed Reggae Sumfest and Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival.

Throughout his illustrious career, Warrior King collaborated with esteemed artists and producers, contributing significantly to the enrichment of reggae music. Beyond his musical pursuits, he actively champions education and advocates for religious tolerance, embodying the teachings of Haile Selassie I.

Further solidifying his impact, in 2023, Warrior King assumed the role of Jamaican ambassador for Team Seas, a worldwide initiative established by Mr Beast and Mark Rober, dedicated to clearing plastic from oceans, beaches, and rivers.

Additionally, he founded the “Warrior King Foundation” in 2018, coinciding with the declaration of “Warrior King Day” on June 18th in Buffalo, New York.

His musical compositions encompass “Never Go Where Pagans Go“, “Can’t Get Me Down“, “I-Niversal Light,” (2023) “Cherish,” (2023) “Ragga,”(2023) and “Ethiopia,” (2023) further enriching his legacy of producing potent and spiritually imbued music that strikes a chord with global audiences.

With a prestigious career spanning across continents and cultures, Warrior King perseveres in spreading the message of love and unity through his music, resonating with audiences in every corner of the world.